Malware Removal & Software Repair

Our repair service covers:

Anti-Virus Software

Don't get caught without the right virus protection for you.

Prevention is key to a healthy machine.

Having virus and malware protection on your PC or Laptop is one thing but making sure you are up to date on your virus definitions is critical. While viruses can be merely an inconvenience, slowing your computer or disabling your internet connection, some can be devastating, deleting files and even damaging hardware. Spyware is most noticeable in its obvious forms: slowing down your computer with pop ups, installing search bars in Internet Explorer, and hijacking your home page.

But it also possesses the much more sinister capability of harvesting your personal information - including your credit card numbers, SSN, and online banking logon - and using it for identity theft or fraud. What many people don't realize is that most antivirus software does nothing to prevent you from getting spyware. Another common misconception is that if you're running antivirus software, you're fully protected.

We can help ensure that you have the right protection on your system giving you peace of mind.

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