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What do I do if I have an old computer or laptop, which I need to dispose of?

There are several things to consider when the time comes to dispose of your computer or laptop. Like many electronics, computers and laptops contain heavy metals that can become environmentally hazardous when disposed of improperly. Additionally, computers often contain a wealth of personal sensitive data such as your usernames, passwords and banking details. If you do not erase the data that is stored on your hardware then your personal information is vulnerable. Did you know that we can securely dispose of your old computer hardware free of charge? We will forensically destroy any data stored on your machine so that it can never be recovered giving you peace of mind and environmentally recycling the hardware.

What do I do if I spill a drink over my laptop?

React quickly - sugary drinks are the worse ones to spill as the sugar leaves a residue. Unplug immediately. Remove the battery if you can to reduce electrical damage. If the battery is sealed shut down your laptop. Put your laptop upside down so the liquid can run out. This will reduce the amount of liquid on your motherboard. Blot don't wipe, preferably with a cloth but kitchen roll will work. Keep your laptop upright and bring it to us. Our aim will be to bring it back to life.

Did you know that you should never leave your laptop lay flat on your bed or on the floor when it's switched on?

Laying your laptop on the floor can block the air vents causing it to overheat and the motherboard to burn out. Leave your laptop upright when you are not using it and it is switched on.

How do I clean my iPad screen?

Wipe your screen with a microfibre cloth. Do not use an abrasive material like kitchen roll as this could scratch the screen. Use just enough pressure to remove fingerprints and other accumulated dirt on the display, avoid using excessive pressure on the screen. View the screen in the bright light to check that the display is thoroughly cleaned. Don't use products to clean your screen like window cleaner and household products.

What do I do if I smash my iPad screen?

The screen on your iPad has two layers. The digitiser, which is the plastic cover over the screen and then the screen. If you smash the screen you need to bring your iPad into the shop so that we can determine, which has been damaged and then we will be able to confirm a price to fix it.

What do I do if I crack my iPhone screen?

Check the phone warranty "Applecare" as this may cover the repair. If the warranty has expired then you have the options of: Replacing the screen yourself using a kit and online videos on Youtube. However this is not for the faint hearted why not call into Ellenbrook Computers and let us fix the repair for you.

iPhone Swollen Battery

Why does the battery on an iPhone swell? Usage habits is the most common.

  1. The batteries in the phones have a infinite number of times that they can be charged (usually several hundred) before they will begin to swell or fail. Once you exceed that number you can notice swelling.
  2. Not using an approved charger. It is recommended that you only use approved chargers.
  3. Overcharging. It is useful to have an 'intelligent' charger that stops sending a charge when it detects that the battery is full. If you do not have one of these chargers it is not recommended to leave your phone charging overnight. Most devices don't require more than 6 hours to charge.
  4. Overheating. Though this not generally an issue with Apple products. Once the battery swells it can put pressure on the LCD, which will cause it to snap and is a fire hazard. If you notice that your phone is bulging do not try and push the sides back in place as this can cause more damage.

Do you know how to get the most usage out of a new battery fitted to your laptop or iPad?

New batteries need conditioning. Conditioning means properly initializing it holds a full charge ensuring it will last longer and healthier. To condition your battery you must charge your battery to 100% power. Then let the power run down to 5%. You must repeat this two more times. Once you have conditioned your battery you do not need to do this again.

What do I do if I delete a file in error?

You can recover your file from the recycle bin. Simply double click on the recycle bin icon on your desktop. This will show you all of the files in your bin. Select the file you wish to recover, right click and choose restore.

What do I do if some keys come off my keyboard on my laptop?

If you find that letters come off your keyboard using super glue or blu tack to put the letters back in place is not the answer. Using super glue on your keyboard will damage the board and leave the letter permanently stuck down. We recommend a new keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For many people using shortcuts on their computer is second nature but for others they are unaware that any exist. Here is a list of some shortcuts that could help to save you some time.

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